Dueling Dragons Dojo (D3)

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30 de setembro de 2017@23:00 – 1 de outubro de 2017@11:00 America/Sao Paulo Fuso horário
Yicheng, Zhumadian

Tournament format
Tournament Entry fee: 60 RMB (exact amount to be paid at the venue)
Double Elimination
Maximum participants: Up to 256
Game Settings
Game Version: PlayStation 4
Rounds: First to Two
Set: First to Two, Top 8 are First to Three
Timer: 99 seconds
Stage Select: Random (Training Stage, Kanzuki Beach and Skies of Honor stages are banned)
Players may not use any glitch or bug that prevents the game from being played, including but not limited to bugs causing the game to freeze, reset,remove character from play zone or similar results.

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